Our 13th Door -Uptown Kandy:

Our 13th Door -Uptown Kandy:

It has practically from anything to everything with plush Restaurants and Cafes. The products displayed at this store are of high quality with world branded names tagged along.

Catering to a larger segment of the market, where the footfall is rather heavy with the upper middle class and the elite class patronizing on a daily basis, we at Exclusive Lines were invited by the management of Uptown Kandy to open a perfume store as this was  the only line of brands /  products that was not within their purview.

With a superb ambiance created, Exclusive Lines was easily awarded the opportunity bringing most of the branded fragrances into this store. Within a short period of time, the store began to show results on a positive note and is still continuing to so rapidly.

With the opening of another outlet in this prestigious department store – Exclusive Lines was privileged to add another feather to its cap, thus making it the thirteenth outlet within the Exclusive Lines retail chain.

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