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Amouage, founded in Oman in 1983, is a prestigious perfumery known for its finely crafted, innovative perfumes. Combining Eastern and Western elements, it reflects Oman’s rich incense and myrrh heritage. Renowned for using exquisite ingredients, Amouage’s creations are composed by world-famous perfumers in Paris, Grasse, Geneva, and New York. Its legacy includes over 50 distinct perfumes, including acclaimed scents like Gold and Jubilation. Available in over 80 countries, Amouage offers immersive experiences at its Muscat Factory and Visitors’ Centre, showcasing the intricate perfume-making process. Embodying Arabian perfume culture, Amouage continues to honor its Omani roots while looking towards a future of innovative excellence.



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Amouage: Essence of Luxury

“Discover a world of exceptional fragrances with Amouage, where each perfume is a unique journey, connecting you with the timeless art of Arabian perfumery.”

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